Install Shinobi Mobile

Public Test

Please test the following features :

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • H.265 Live Streams (With an H.265 stream, set your Stream Type to HLS and "copy" for video codec)
  • H.265 Recordings (iOS now works too, thanks Mitch!)
  • Direct Streams
  • Base64 stream support
  • UI Changes
  • Log Viewer
  • Monitor list not showing if only 1 Monitor was added
  • Notifications (Android appears to only do it properly for now, iOS disconnects after being backgrounded for too long)
  • Check Recording List Start and End Time constraints
  • Connection to your Server via P2P Service

Please report bugs in the Community Chat #mobile-client channel.

During testing the license-only features will remain unlocked.

Unfortunately due to limitations of libraries in iOS; Android will only have the ability to view multiple live streams at one time until a solution is found.

Thanks to Mitch Ross (@mitchross1) and his colleague we can now enjoy multiple live streams on iOS! Version 1.0.3 and above will have it enabled.